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ABOUT | Laserfab Technologies


With unique capabilities, Laserfab can process up to .500" thick material from multi-axis capabilities with depths up to 28" and from parts as large as 144".

Yes, Laserfab offers completed CAD/CAM software systems and can aid in the development and specification of customer products.

Yes, Laserfab Technologies is ISO Registered and maintains a strict quality policy. All products are reviewed against customer specifications in our quality lab completed with a Faro Arm and multiple control and measuring devices.

We are capable of purchasing material to meet your specification or processing the material you provide. We are flexible and are here to serve you.

Yes, we prefer to add value to the supply chain by providing services such as welding, assembly of nuts, pins, bolts, screws, wiring harnesses and lights. We can also provide finish services thru our certified partnerships, and can store or line sequence products as needed.

Laserfab operates a Navistar box truck with softside cargo storage which can be loaded from a standard dock door or side loaded, dependent upon your facility. We also offer a commercial van to aid in product delivery. Product pricing can be arranged to include shipping from our dock to your door.

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At LaserFab Technologies, Inc., we specialize in precision 2D and 3D laser cutting, supporting the fabrication needs of customers in a wide range of industries. Our facility is equipped with a number of highly advanced precision Mazak 2D and 3D laser cutting systems. For 2D laser cutting, we can apply up to 1500 watts of power and accommodate work pieces up to 48 in by 120 in, and cut carbon steel up to 0.500 in thick, stainless steel to 0.125 in, and aluminum to 0.125 in. Our 3D laser cutting system utilizes 6 axis, 2500 watts, and can cut parts up to 60 x 120 in. This system is ideal for the trimming of deep drawn parts, but its capabilities go far beyond. As with all of our laser cutting systems, many materials can be cut including steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, in forms such as pipe and sheet-all to precision tolerances of ± 0.005 in for 2D and ± 0.010 in for 3D. The quality and dimensional integrity of all of our work is backed up by comprehensive inspections and the use of our FARO laser scanner. All of this is just a small part of our in-house quality program, driven by our commitment to lean manufacturing and our ISO 9001:2008 certifications. Further efficiency and capacity is provided through lights out manufacturing and a wide range of other fabrication and value added services. From prototypes to low and mid-range volumes, we provide quick turnover, rush, and urgent response services quoted on a job by job basis.



Jamie Ellis



Nichole Ellis

General Manager